RBP Finivis an API Provider company in India developed compatible and customized APIs and one such API is Micro ATM API

micro atm api provider

What is Micro ATM?

Micro ATM is a card swipe machine that works on point of sales terminal. It is the best alternative for large ATMs with handheld portable features. It is used to disburse cash in remote locations where bank branches and usual ATMs are not available. 

The cost of integrating Micro ATM is less than usual ATMs due to their small size and portability. Thus, it does not require much space for deployment.

If it is Handy and Portable, then Where Do You Get Cash?

Unlike large ATMs, micro-ATM does not dispense cash from itself. It is the retailer or business correspondent who will responsible to provide you cash from his cash counter. The same amount with the commission will be credited to the retailer's account instantly.

What Kind of Transactions Can be Done?

Micro ATM is a device that can be used to make basic banking transactions such as Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, Mini Statement, and Fund Transfer. The best thing is it accepts debit cards from all banks and delivers safe and smooth services to the customers

Is the System Safe?           

Yes, of course, it is the safest payment solution as it works only after the complete verification of debit cards. However, the technology used in Micro ATM is GPRS technology to transmit data, which is used in mobile phones and is considered to be safe.

How to Choose the Right Micro ATM API Provider Company?

A lot of time goes on testing and selecting the right API provider company and it is equally important to choose the genuine one. One right selection will lessen your headache and you can focus on the growth of your business.

So, here are some tips from our side to choose the best API provider in India:

·      Determine the strategic goal of integration that improves the customer experience before selecting an API provider

·      Check whether they have a better developing community. As developers are the contributors to gain the right information and advice to accomplish your goals.

·      Check and analyze the products and services offered by the company. This will help you to identify the right set of APIs you need.

       Must ensure the error management service of the API Provider. If any error occurs, it must notify you in an easy-to-understand way.

All these features you can experience with us at RBP finivis, the finest Micro ATM API & SDK Provider Company. We are always there to serve you with our best services. So, don’t wait anymore just “think big to achieve bigger” and start your API business today.

You can get in touch with us by visiting our website – rbpfinivis.com or by contacting us 

Email- hello@rbpfinivis.com

Contact no. – 1800-4196-571


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