AePS refers to aadhaar enabled payment system that allows payments using aadhaar card. However, aeps api provider companies in India are the companies that provide API (application programming interface) through which any individual who is willing to start fintech business can easily set up his/her fintech firm without much effort. These api provider companies design and develop apis and sdks as per the clients’ requirements. 

aeps api provider

Now, a question arises – what is an api? 

An api is a type of software interface that helps to build a connection between two or more software programs. It is a set of defined rules that enables two or more applications to interact with each other.

Leading AePS API Provider Companies/Banks in India:

There are many aeps api provider companies present in India. Let’s have a look at some of the pre-eminent companies which offer the best support are listed below:

Yes Bank:

Yes bank is the first in the Indian banking industry to supply B2B APIs and offers a seamless integration facility to allow basic banking transactions using aadhaar number and biometric detection.

 RBL Bank:

RBL Bank offers aeps api across India is flexible, fully automated and adaptable to the existing application and customizable to business needs.

 ICICI Bank:

AePS api offered by ICICI bank involves direct integration and instant solutions with the secured medium that saves your time.

Kotak Mahindra Bank:

No more problems with programming and equipment combinations. Its api is capable of performing mass transactions.

RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd.:

At last, but not least, RBP finivis Pvt. Ltd. which is the finest aeps api provider company which is the fusion of all the above-mentioned features. It provides the best technical support with which businesses can easily integrate and speed up the growth of financial inclusion in the country. At RBP model of aeps api is structured in an interoperable, safe, and secure manner using aadhaar number and biometric verification. The system enables cash withdrawal and other aadhaar based banking services for all of its partners to offer services to their users.

How To Choose Best API Provider For Multiple Services?

The first and foremost thing before starting a fintech business is to choose a reliable white label aeps portal.So, before buying an api, one must need to get complete satisfaction by doing some important chores:

  • Don’t get attracted towards high margin or commission rates
  • Carefully check the registration of the api provider
  • Try to get feedback from the existing users of the provider company
  • Check reviews on google
  • Make all the discussions via mail
  • Read all the documents carefully before signing the agreement

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