RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Micro ATM API Provider Company in India; also we are doing our best to bring transformative impact on digital financial sector and even brought opportunities for retailers to increase their income, through our Mego Pay application.

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As India is a developing country that supports rapid growth in technology, our government along with an organization i.e. NPCI put an initiative of digital banking by introducing Micro ATM. With this Micro ATM, one can get access to basic banking services without visiting any bank or traditional ATM. To make all that easy and simple, there are many FinTech companies in the market, developing Micro ATM API and SDK through which banks can remotely connect to their core banking system. One such API provider company located at Panchkula, Haryana is RBP Finivis that sub-serves the goal of the government to bring financial inclusion in the country and facilitate a hassle-free experience of banking to each and every one.

Some Of The Reasons Why is Micro ATM a Boon For Banking Sector: 

Micro ATM is a compact debit card swipe machine that works as the best alternative for traditional ATMs. Integrating a large ATM requires much space and their integration cost is a little high, it also requires security cameras and various other equipment to keep watch on fraud. On the other hand, Micro ATM is handy, cost-effective, and easy to integrate. Moreover, Micro ATM is a means of employment to start-ups and it also gives opportunities to retail businesses to increase their income.

What Is Our Role At RBP Finivis?  

We at RBP deliver API gateway for various payment solutions with high quality and complete security. Partner with us and get a chance to create your Micro ATM brand with high commission & 100% success rates. Hence, an amazing opportunity is not so far where you can build your Micro ATM admin portal with your name & logo. We are always available to help you flourish your FinTech business and give wings to fly high with our compatible API and SDK.

Micro ATM API Enabled Transactions

Using Micro ATM one can perform 4 types of basic banking transactions. They are:

·         Cash Withdrawal - people can easily withdraw money up to ₹ 10,000 at a time using a debit card

·         Balance Enquiry - one can fetch the current balance status of his account

·         Mini Statement - you can track the history of your recent transactions

·         Fund Transfer - you can easily and instantly transfer money from one account to another account across India.


 As an API provider company, we are determined to bring change in the banking system under the guidelines given by NPCI and intend to make it easier and faster for the common man through our Micro ATM API and SDK. Our main Motive is to offer a fast and secure banking experience in the areas where bank branches cannot reach. However, more than 70% of India's population resides in rural areas, also they prefer cash payments. So, to save their time on long-distance travel, we are working to make their life cozy and comfortable.

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