RBP Finivis Pvt Ltd is India’s largest B2B fintech platform delivering various banking API & SDK solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes. One such API solution is micro atm api that has made us one of the finest micro atm api provider company in India. This simple functionality of api offers ordinary citizens easy access to secure financial services like cash withdrawal, etc. while businesses can make a good commission and better-earning opportunities without much investment and effort. 

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What Role does API Play for the Growth of Digital Banking?

An API plays an important role in making the banking system interoperable. Application Programming Interface is a software application that empowers and allows to connect various banking networks to interchange products and services needed to offer customers. This enables banks to offer even more features and feasible services that have made banking services available to each and every corner of the country.  However, the time has now come to digitally transform India with the invention of APIs.

A Mini Version of ATM is an Outcome of API Solution

Micro atm is a mini version of an atm that does not occupy much space for its set-up. It is a portable device that can be carried anywhere. It can carry out basic banking transactions within a few seconds at a click. This amazing device came into existence only because of the arrival of advancements in the technology with the introduction of API (Application Programming Interface) 

We with our experienced and pro-active technical team of developers developed & designed fully customized and highly scalable API solutions for businesses. With this advanced payment gateway, entrepreneurs can use their business ideas and strategies in the fintech industry without having much technical knowledge. In other words, we will be available 24*7 for their technical quarries and will solve them as early as possible.

Benefits of Micro ATM With Its Features:

·        One can extend banking services anywhere in remote locations using a micro atm machine

·        Cheap – It is a low-cost option for the existing traditional ATMs

·        Portable – It is a portable device, easy to carry, easy to set up anywhere.

·        Interoperable – It can work for any bank using debit cards.

·        Secure – Connects banking network through GPRS technology for carrying banking transactions, making it safe and secure

Working of Micro ATM is Similar to Usual ATMs

First of all, you need to undergo a verification process of your debit card. For verification card swipe option is available. Once the verification is completed micro atm screen will display various transaction options. You need to select the option and the device will process the transaction. On a successful transaction, a message will be displayed on the screen and a receipt will be generated. You will also receive an SMS alert from your bank about the transaction.


To offer customers a powerful payment solution, RBP as a micro atm api provider company become a force in supplying the best banking platform. With our fully automated banking api solutions, businesses will enjoy unlimited flexibility and fly at great heights with success all around. 

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