Micro ATM is the solution for the areas where large or traditional ATMs and bank branches are hard to reach. So, to solve the cash crunch in remote areas, RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd. has come forward as an API Provider in India with an extremely useful product. It offers Micro ATM API & SDK for the businesses to emerge and occupy space in the rapidly evolving FinTech industry. It is available 24/7 and 365 days to deliver various banking services such as cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini statement, and more.

micro atm api provider


What is Micro ATM and how it works?

Micro ATM is basically a card swipe machine that works on a point of sale terminal with minimal power consumption. It is a handheld portable device that contains a card reader to verify debit cards from any bank, makes it interoperable, and offers desired financial transaction services to individuals. Some Micro ATMs are also available with a fingerprint scanner. It is connected to the central banking servers through GPRS technology. Hence, Micro ATMs are a safe, secure, and instant solution to get banking transactions done.  

Is That Amazing for Rural India? Let Us Discuss Benefits of Micro ATM for Them-

Micro ATM is really an amazing thing launched by the government of India under the guidelines of the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). As it is a mini version of traditional ATMs, it doesn’t require much space for its setup and it is also very cost-effective. Hence, Micro ATMs can be set up anywhere without much effort.

These are some reasons; Micro ATM is a boon for rural India. People don’t need to travel long distances and waste time in long queues to get facilities of banking services. People can easily withdrawal cash up to Rs. 10,000 using their debit card just by visiting their nearest business correspondent. Also, they get access to some other basic banking services too. So, to co-operate government in the motive of bringing financial inclusion in the country, RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd. emerged as an API Provider Company. It offers an opportunity for businesses, become a part of the FinTech industry and help rural people & weaker sections of society to come under the banking framework and enjoy financial services at their doorsteps.

Objectives Of RBP Towards Developing Micro ATM API

Objectives of this specification are as follows-

  • To bring down transaction cost
  • To guarantee interoperability
  • Ensure security and transparency of transaction
  • Provide a uniform customer experience
  • As the API is customized, it is user friendly that reduces agent training needs
  • To bring down the cost of being compatible with an existing banking system 


RBP Finivis is a Micro ATM API Provider company in India located in Haryana that contributes to making Digital Bharat as it provides reliable services for easy transactions. It is an integrated programming facility that guarantees secured payments. Along with Micro ATM API, RBP offers a few more APIs for businesses to grow to earn and offer the best financial/e-commerce transactions on fingertips to everyone. Such APIs are –

  • AePS API
  • Micro ATM API
  • Fastag Recharge API

AePS Cash Withdrawal

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