DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) API has made money transfer easy across 200+ banks all over India in just a minute. RBP Finivis, being a DMT API Provider Company in India developed an API and SDK to make direct money transfer service accessible to everyone in the country effortlessly. Transactions performed under DMT are relatively safe, secure, and based on criteria to create a convenient user experience.

dmt (domestic money transfer) api provider company

Getting money instantly where you need it has never been easier. But, we offer a variety of options to move your money fast to your dear ones. DMT is an assisted service to fulfill the money transfer needs of unbanked, under-banked, and migrant people in India.

What is DMT and How is it a Better Option to Use?     

Domestic Money Transfer is the solution for instant money transfer that saves time and energy. RBP, an API Provider in India, provides smooth services to transfer money from an individual account to another account. It eliminates banking unprotected assail ability. Performance made under DMT is shielded and protected in quality. It aims to provide a convenient experience to its customers in every circumstance that has made it easy to navigate in the country. The most vital part of DMT API is that it is a secure application with the perfect ongoing fusion of NEFT and IMPS APIs.

How Domestic Money Transfer can be Useful for Various Sections of Society?

Domestic money transfer can be helpful for various sections of society for transferring money such as:

  • Migrant laborers: to send money to their family members at their native place.
  • Contractors, small business owners, hotel owners, etc: pay salaries to their staff members.
  • Daily wage labors such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.: transfer cash income to their saving account.
  • Local residents in the neighborhood

Features of Domestic Money Transfer:

  • Transfer money to anyone, anywhere across India in less time.
  • Dispense money transfer service 24/7 including all public holidays.
  • Safe and 100% secure money transfer as customers can get instant confirmation on their registered mobile number.
  • The service is available for rural and small banks of India too.
  • There are no hidden fee charges for the service offered.

Benefits for the Users:

  • No need to stand in long queues for hours in bank branches.
  • Saves time and money for traveling.
  • Even without a bank account, an individual can make use of this service

After being aware of all such features of these amazing services, don’t you think to go beyond all these advantages? So, here we are as a DMT API Provider in India to help you for helping others to make the best use of this system.


As an API provider company in India, we realized the challenges people had to face before the arrival of DMT.  So, now the days are gone when they had to stand in long queues for hours in bank branches to transfer money. Through DMT API any Indian citizen walks in with cash-in-hand to any business correspondent, fill in few details and transfer money to the family, friends, and loved ones anywhere in the country.


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