Looking for the best and reliable API service in India? So here is the Best API Provider Company In India “RBP Finivis Pvt. Ltd.” RBP Finivis offering you various types of API services at affordable cost. RBP Finivis a direct API provider helps businesses to join together through its API services. Now is the best time for you all to integrate your own API brands. Our API services are very safe, simple, and easy to access that even rural area people can operate them. RBP with its quality API services provides digital banking to all the unbanked sectors of the country. The RBP Finivis aims to make its services available nationwide with high quality and reliability.

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RBP (Rural Banking Programme) as its name depicts, we determined to work to develop the country’s rural sector by providing our best banking and financial services. We are established with a vision to give financial support to small entrepreneurs and reduce the poverty in the country. RBP the safe and secure API Service Provider Company is expanding all over India. Our banking services are reaching every corner of society and giving ease to the lives of people.

Now here, have a look at the user-friendly API services provided by RBP Finivis:

Aeps (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)

It is a secured mode of payment for which u need your Aadhaar card to be link be linked to your bank account. It allows the account holder to have a good eye on bank account like transactions and balance enquiry. For the unbanked areas, it offers a facility to withdraw cash without visiting the bank branch.

mATM (Micro ATM SDK)

RBP FINIVIS mATM SDK Provider Company provides handy and suitable financial services to the country. To avail, the benefit of this service customer only needs to carry a debit card. Through this API service, RBP Finivis is contributing to reducing the gap between banking services and rural areas.

BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)

Are you standing in line for paying your bills! If yes, it will be very beneficial for you because it allows you to digitally pay your bills. It provides you full security and clarity for the transactions made while payment. RBP Finivis are coming with this API service to make your bill payment easy for you.

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DMT (Direct Money Transfer)

DMT API service work for every type of bank in the country. This service offers you to easily transfer money from one bank account to another bank account without any hustle. Customer required to know its bank account number and IFSC code for making transactions. It is the safest and secure mode of fund transfer.


Fastag API service is the best and perfect solution for the one who travels on the national highway regularly. It is a label from which the toll amount will be deducted and allow the user to pass the toll without any cash transaction. The payments will be done from a prepaid account linked with it.

RBP FINIVIS is the best API provider company in India which provides you the multiple API services with proper maintenance and security. With our quality services, you can develop your businesses and experience the goodness of digitalization

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